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A Life in Innovation: Mr Nicholas Bredimus

A major change in hospitality and airline travel was sparked off by Nicholas Bredimus, who combined them with the software industry to evolve something new. His career highlights include effort-saving software, aircraft safety improvements, and even the design of high-value houses.

Examining Nicholas Bredimus' lineage you can easily see he was bound to reach the top. Coming together from many nationalities, his family traces to Classical times, with the maternal side primarily German and Scottish. An equally varied blend stands out in the paternal branch; ahead of coming to America in the late nineteenth century, Bredimus' ancestors made their homes in England and Luxembourg. After they arrived in the U.S.A, they still strove to rise to the top. One of seven children --- four girls and three boys --- Nicholas had a father employed as a design engineer, and a mother who worked as a practicing nurse.

He would spend much of his life in cities across four states --- Texas, Arizona, Missouri and Virginia. After completing his education, Nicholas Bredimus found himself engaged in quite a few prominent jobs at several of the most reputable and largest businesses in the airline industry. He became a vp with corporations like Hughes Airwest, Republic Airlines, and Trans World Airlines (TWA) respectively. But above all the airline industry has felt the need to thank him for the innovations he has made in software design.

Nicholas Bredimus is easily most recognized for the aircraft maintenance program he crafted on behalf of US Airways, which eventually became the "old reliable" for much of the industry. But this stands as only one of his standout creations for the hotel sector and for airlines. His booking software is on its way to becoming as commonly used as the aforementioned software, and his hotel reservation routine created the possibility for so many hotels to leverage a pc based architecture. Still innovating, he designed a networking program to assist in ticket sales --- another first.

Even though this was undeniably his forte, Mr Bredimus also frequently worked on areas not connected to software. Responsible posts with American Express and American Airlines were to come, and as you may know he started up a business of his own in the early 1990s. So is he still working? Most definitely --- his unmatched abilities are still very much called upon and at the ready despite his having left prior interests behind. Look for his work now helping to advance building design --- blending the requirements of aesthetics with up to date technology and bona fide concern for our ecology. It's truly incredible how far energy can carry you!

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